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How to Become an Event PlannerHow to Earn a Fabulous Living as a Professional Event Planner!

If you want to know how to become an event planner, make yourself comfortable because is packed with free information, advice and guidance on how to become an event planner. The information you'll find here is presented by an event planner with nearly 20 years of experience in the event planning industry.

Event planning is a exciting career choice in a growing market. The events industry is huge. Event planners include party planners, wedding planners, corporate event planners, meeting planners and more. Every year, billions upon billions of dollars are spent on special events, and the size of the market continues to grow.

The event planner profession is growing on a global basis as well. Event planners are now in demand in countries all around the world. Right now opportunity abounds for people interested in becoming an event planner, or in launching an event planning career or business.

Just picture yourself going to work everyday to plan parties (becoming a party planner), galas, weddings (becoming a wedding planner), social gatherings, awards ceremonies, conferences, fashion shows, grand openings, charity fundraisers or other exciting and important events. Imagine the fun you will have selecting menus and venues, hiring entertainment, issuing invitations, planning decor, and meeting and greeting new people...

And then there is the personal satisfaction at the end of the event when the compliments come in. Attendees tell you how much they enjoyed the event, and your client or employer praises you for planning another successful event.

Imagine the impressed looks you will get when people ask you what you do for a living and you are able to tell them, "I'm an event planner". There's a lot of prestige that comes with this glamorous and exciting career.

"Event planning is a huge, lucrative market, ripe with opportunity, and it just continues to expand", says internationally recognized wedding expert Linda Kevich, who has nearly two decades of professional expertise in event planning, and has been cited in hundreds of newspapers and magazines like USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Niche Magazine and many others. Kevich's area of specialization within the event planning industry has been weddings, ranging from planning weddings and wedding related events, to bridal shows and exhibitions, and educational seminars and conferences. She is the founder of The International Institute of Weddings certification Program for Professional Wedding Planners.

So if you want to become an event planner, or start an event planning career or business, you can get paid to plan events for a living. Anyone can break into this business and become an event planner with the right knowlege --  find out how here for free in this highly detailed online guide to becoming an event planner.

Read each page of this site and you'll discover how to become an event planner, how to get event planner jobs, and how to start an event planning business if you want to be your own boss.


Event Planner Skills:  Do You Have What It Takes?
Types of Events You Can Plan
Introduction to Becoming an Event Planner
Event Planner Career Information
What An Event Planner Does: Tasks and Services
How to Find Event Planner Jobs
Where the Field of Event Planning is Headed

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How to Become An Event Planner

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