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How Much Demand is There for Events Planners?

The market for event planners and the size of the event planning industry is far larger than you may at first imagine - and it is growing at a very rapid rate. Event planning is a relatively new industry which is, in fact, still considered to be in its infancy stages. That translates into exceptional opportunity for individuals interested in careers in this field at this time.

Twenty years ago, the term 'event planner' was not recognized as a career option and the term itself was not often heard. The number of people who called themselves event planners was extremely small and this line of work was not always taken seriously. However, within the last twenty years, the field of event planning has 'come into its own' and has experienced - and continues to experience - a very rapid rate of growth. Moreover, event planning is now regarded as a respected and serious profession.

As a result, the timing could not be better for anyone with an interest in an event planning career to be entering this field. The market for event planners is hot and the industry offers much to those who are entering it now. Put plainly, there is good money to be made in this rapidly growing new field.

Why All the New Demand?

So just what accounts for this increased level of demand in the field of event planning, making it such a hot new area of employment? There are a couple of factors.

Let's begin with the area of corporate event planning. Keep in mind that in this industry the term corporate event is often used rather loosely to also take in the events planned by associations, organizations, charitable groups, educational institutions, and so forth - in addition, of course, to company events.

The majority of the events planned in the corporate sector are meetings, conventions, and seminars. Producing these types of events is continualy becoming more costly. At the same time, meetings are playing an increasingly important role within many organizations. The number of meetings, conventions and seminars held annually by US and Canadian organizations (companies, associations, etc.) has been rising dramatically in the last number of years.

Combine the increased level of interest in meetings, conventions and seminars with importance of meetings, the growing numbers of these events taking place each year, along with the rising costs of producing them and you are witnessing the birth of a whole new profession - that of the "meeting planner". Organizations, associations, and corporations, as we said earlier, are now recognizing the need to hire employees whose sole purpose is to plan and produce these meetings, effectively and affordably.

And then there's the area of private social functions (party planning, etc). What accounts for the big burst of growth there?

Much of that has to do with the changing role of women in our society. In decades past, women took charge of handling all of the details and preparations involved in planning their own social events, whether they were weddings, anniversary parties, family reunions, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, retirement parties for loved ones, and so on. And if one woman in the family didn't have time for the task, there was almost always another female member in the family who did.

For many people that simply is not the case anymore. Over the last few decades we have witnessed more and more women becoming permanent fixtures in the work force. In fact, unlike in days gone by, not only are women out of the house and into the workforce - they have careers. Sometimes they own the company.

In today's world, women are just as likely as men to pursue high levels of education and hold high powered jobs. They lead busy lives and work long hours just like their male counterparts, often while still juggling the responsibilities of raising children. Who's got time to plan a party? Or a huge life event like a wedding? Ask any one who's done it and they will tell you - that in itself is like a full time job.

Moreover, unlike any other time in history, women are now pulling in some pretty sizable incomes. Those careers and high powered jobs are yielding some big bucks and many of today's women have more money than they do time. Those who are married generally have husbands in the same income bracket. When you combine their incomes, these are people who see greater justification in hiring an event planner to handle the arrangements for the parties, weddings, and other social affairs they are planning, than they do in investing their valuable time into worrying about it themselves.

Event Planner Market Size

At the present its difficult to fully and precisely determine the total market size of this new industry because it is so wide spread and includes so many individual sub-sections.

Suffice it to say that calling it 'HUGE' is no exaggeration. Estimates are that the event planning industry is generates over $500 billion dollars in revenues a year.

To give you a better idea, let's look at the size of just one of the many segments of the vast event planning market for which we do have some reliable data - the area of corporate or association meetings (this also includes seminars and conventions).

Next to weddings, meeting planning is one of the hottest segments of the entire event planning industry. Back in 1991, there were over 1 million corporate or association meetings and conventions which took place in the US, as reported in the 1992 Meetings Market Report, conducted by Market Probe International, Inc. for Meetings & Conventions/Reed Travel Group.

According to the same report, that year a total of $35 billion was spent on meetings alone. Just seven years later, in 1999, Meeting Professionals International, a highly respected industry association for event planners who specialize in meetings, estimated the total amount spent on meetings had grown to in excess of $85 billion per year - a phenomenal increase in an incredibly short period of time. And it has continued to grow each year since then.

Now, keep in mind that this dollar figure represents only one facet of the event planning industry as whole, and does not take into account the amount of money spent each year on other forms of corporate events, fund-raisers; or on private events, including weddings (a $60 billion dollar a year industry all on its own!) and parties.

There can be no question, events have become BIG business.

The Future of the Event Planning Industry

Experts predict the future for professional event planners will continue to be extremely strong. This is an industry where heavy growth and opportunity are forecasted, particularly in the area of corporate and association events. Business meetings are becoming increasingly expensive to produce, but also increasingly important. As mentioned earlier, companies are recognizing that meetings and seminars provide a powerful means for them to communicate with the individuals who make up their intended audiences and so they are now putting a heavier emphasis on these types of events.

With that being the case, many companies are acknowledging the very real need to hire specialized personal who can devote their attention to planning meetings efficiently. They want professionals who are qualified and talented in this area so that ordinary meetings and events become extraordinary. Further, they want these events planned as cost effectively as possible so that they will deliver the biggest bang possible for the buck.

The area of social event planning also show very healthy growth. Noticeable trends towards larger, more lavish affairs and increased expenditures on these types of events, causing professional planners for these types of events to smile and say, "Party on!".

With the trend in society as a whole constantly moving towards more hectic and hurried lifestyles, it only further contributes to the rapidly growing demand for event planners. As individuals become increasingly busy and short on time, they are finding practical justifications for turning over the coordination and planning of their events - whether they are business events or social events - to the pros.

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